We offer a range of fixed price servicing for all TVRs.

Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Engine Oil, Gearbox Oil, Differential Oil, Brake Fluid, Clutch Fluid are all replaced in our services along with all other routine maintenance as required by specific models and we always use genuine parts from

If you have a speed 6 or an AJP V8 we will check your throttle bodies and adjust as necessary whilst also resetting your throttle position sensors back to their optimum. All cars will receive a thorough brake service that will consist of your brakes being checked, cleaned and lubricated to maintain optimum performance along with any cable adjustment necessary for the handbrake. All cars will be put on the latest Diagnostic software and checked for any issues present.

Whatever your car is in for, we will check your car thoroughly and provide you with a clear indication of any work that could become necessary through the course of owing a performance car. When you come to collect your car, we will go over your service in detail.

Standard Servicing Costs:



Speed 6 Engined Cars
6k – £299
12k – £599

AJP V8 Engines Cars
6k – £299
12k – £699

Rover V8 Engines Cars
6k – £249
12k – £349

Speed 6 and AJP engined 12k service plans are inclusive of valve adjustment

Of course we service all engines, but this is an indication of our pricing structure.Our Labor rate is £50 per hour and we are not VAT registered