Electrical Services


Pythonracing can offer a multitude of services to the TVR market. Notably is the conversion of wiring looms and in house repair of electronics. Regardless of your car, we car repair any electrical system issues you have.

Dull/fading LCDs
Windows failing to return correctly
Repair and reprogram of control units for central locking system


TVR started changing the late Cerbera to the newer style of fuseboard, not just because they became unavailable but because of concerns over electrical issues. However, this retrofit never took full advantage of the Tuscan style fuseboard and left a lot of potential.

Pythonracing are the first company to offer a full conversion of your old style fuseboard to the newer style fuseboard and not just a retrofit. The Cerbera can take maximum advantage of this as it will enable the reduction of several control units from the rear of the car. The reduction of joints in the wiring loom will see better and more reliable electrical system. A common issue is seeing 10v at a headlight on a Cerbera, after this conversion those days will be gone. All of the relays will now be standard automotive relays which are time tested in their reliability and ease of replacement. Even if you have a later style fuse board in your Cerbera, this is only a retrofit by TVR and the above conversion is still recommended for long term electrical stability.

  • Reduced risk of fire
  • Reduction of parasitic draw (flat battery in days)
  • Brighter headlights
  • Easy relay change when replacement necessary
  • Simplified electrical system

We are so confident about the reliability of this system that we guarantee our conversion for 10 years!

Call Pythonracing and speak to Jody about the benefits of the conversion!